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Vietnam Magazine

Vietnam veterans and others interested in the history of the conflict are the target readership of this magazine. The Vietnam experience is covered from the personal, historical and global perspective, with first-person commentary and in-depth accounts about the weaponry, battles, strategies and forces.

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Publication Rating

Vietnam Magazine - By Chief


I recently received my copy of 10 Great Battles of Vietnam offered by Vietnam Magazine as a subscription incentive to purchase the magazine. This is a great read for anyone that served in Vietnam. The articles were written by the guys that did the heavy lifting in Nam and it is a must read for any one that served. If you were in Nam you were at the very least in ear shot of one of these battles. Great read! Welcome home!

Publication Rating

Long time subscriber - By Chieu


I have been receiving Vietnam Magazine since issue One .For the most part you have an excellent Magazine .I would recommend the Magizine for all Viet Nam Vets and anyone interested in reading what it was like .Though the articles are good ,I would like to see stories written in the words of the story teller and not look like after action reports .For some one that had never been in combat the stories get kind of boring at times .