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Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated is a weekly magazine that has been diving into the heart of college and professional sports for nearly 55 years. Sports Illustrated, also often referred to as “SI”, offers its dedicated readers an abundance of colorful photos, in-depth sports reporting from popular writers, inserts of sports cards, and high school football “Player of the Month” awards. This magazine is also the home of the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which has been published since 1964, and is now an annual issue that has expanded to its own television shows, videos, and calendars.

Sports Illustrated features regular segments in each issue that Sports Illustrated refers to as Departments. Some of these regular segments include: “Faces in the crowd,” which honors talented amateur athletes and their accomplishments, “The Point after,” which is a back-page column by SI writers on anything in the world of sports, and “Inside...” the NFL, Baseball, NHL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball, NASCAR, Golf, Boxing, Horse Racing, Soccer, and Tennis.

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Publication Rating

You're still the one... - By Larry S


Sports Illustrated has been around forever. Many claim that the magazine has lost relevance in the age of the Internet and ESPN. I disagree. Though the articles are not as timely as those other sources, the writing is still classy and fascinating. To SI the formula is simple and enduring: athletes are people, and the stories behind those people make for great reading. Throw in columnists like Peter King, Michael Silver, and Rick Reilly, and you have three must reads almost every issue. I like my sports with depth and substance, and that is what SI provides. ESPN the Magazine pales in comparison. The price was the best I have ever found.

Publication Rating

SI will always trump all - By Connor05


Sports Illustrated is by far my favorite magazine. It brings you up close and personal with all your favorite sports stars and teams, and the articles are so in-depth you feel like you are actually there when the event is taking place. Even the ultimate sports fan can't go to every great sports event, but Sports Illustrated makes it possible. No matter what is going on in my life, I love that I always have a moment to myself with SI where I can really just indulge in everything that gets me pumped. No sports magazine compares to SI, and I don't think ever will. Also, this site is pretty awesome since it does that auto-renewal feature-- most other sites I've experience kept hounding me but MagazineAgent is so easy-- they know what I want and know to keep 'em coming. Thanks to all!

Publication Rating

Sports Illustrrated always delivers amazing photography! - By JohndL


The thing I look forward to most about Sports Illustrated every week is the amazing photography! They always capture that picture-perfect moment in every sport and any game. I honestly prefer flipping through SI's photos of sports' highlights of the week more so than coverage in HD-TV. I gave Sports Illustrated five stars also because of the quality of writing in all of their issues, and genuine journalistic abilities. There is nothing about the world of sports or anybody in it that Sports Illustrated doesn't offer. The subscription is well worth the money, and is also a great gift for any guy.

Publication Rating

Swimsuit - By fly


Swimsuit issue rocks

Publication Rating

Sports Illustrated is always a winner - By Kevin S


Sports Illustrated remains in the forefront of the sports enthusiasts’ top pick for a sports magazine. With a circulation of 28 million, this magazine covers not only the mainstream sports you would expect to see in its pages, but even the more obscure sports like falconry or the increasingly popular rock climbing. The colorful, action packed pages draw you in as you find each one more spectacular than the next. The photography, well written in depth articles, and frequent statistics of the players is what has kept me subscribing to Sports Illustrated year after year. While no review of this magazine would be complete without mentioning the famous swim issue, I find the content and array of sports covered to be the main reason for it’s staying power.