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Shape publishes two double issues per year. Each double issue counts as two of twelve in an annual subscription.
Shape Magazine | 7/1/2020 Cover Shape Magazine | 6/1/2020 Cover Shape Magazine | 5/1/2020 Cover Shape Magazine | 4/1/2020 Cover Shape Magazine | 3/1/2020 Cover
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Shape Magazine

Looking for some useful health and exercise tips? Shape is the total fitness magazine for the active woman. Upbeat, lively and truthful! Shape gives instantly useful techniques to make exercise more varied and fun, trim fat and add fiber to menus, and keep today's woman challenged and motivated to look and feel her best.

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Publication Rating

Over 50 - By Jenla


I agree with "Bowlady"!!!I am 51 and have been reading Shape since it came out....the baby boomers are many now so we need all the articles u have to keep us fit and healthy!!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Publication Rating

What About Us? - By Bowlady


I enjoy your magazine, the excersizes, food guides, and especially the last one about the environment. BUT the Aug issue ( I think) where you had the articles about being in shape at 20, 30 , and 40 upset me. What about the 50's and 60's? Did you think we die after 40? I ran my first 1/2 marathon to celebrate my 55 th birthday. I trained for 6 months and it was hard to find articles specific to a 55 yr old runner. We deal with menopause, bone loss, muscle aches etc. But today many people my age are exercising more and eating well and starting a new business. Maybe it is not the largest of your readers but I am sure if you had more articles for us you would have more 50 plus readers.