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Prevention Magazine

America's leading health publication, Prevention magazine gives you healthy solutions you can really live with. Every issue delivers the latest news and trends on health, food and nutrition, fitness, and more! Top experts offer advice on weight loss, fitness and nutrition that will help you better manage your health and enhance the way you feel about yourself and your life. Prevention gives you the information you need to slow down the aging process and fight disease using nature's medicine chest. You'll find tips on alternative medicine, how to achieve lifelong beauty and easy ways to boost your immunity. With personal success stories and anti-aging tips that really work, Prevention is the ultimate source of motivation to make the changes that will transform your life.

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Publication Rating

BEST Magazine - By Savannah


Prevention is one of the Better Magazines for the price. I thoroughly enjoy every issue. The size it perfect I can carry it with me where ever I go. I read it from cover to cover and find the information very helpful and useful. There is hardly any advertisment which is great because I don't need that in a magazine. I can bring it to the gym with me and read it while I work out, Again. It's the Best Magazine on the Market!

Publication Rating

Get healthy and stay healthy. - By Sharie


The best magazine on the stands for natural health and excerise. Some of the most informative articles on natural ways to get and stay healthy. Today we must take responsibility for our health and this magazine will give you the knowledge you need to do just that. Each month will give you new healthy recipes and information for yourself and your family.

Publication Rating

Worth reading - By missdonna


Prevention is a monthly magazine full of interesting articles about taking good care of yourself. It usually has suggestions for weight loss, and looking and feeling good. There are suggestions about how to prepare food so it's appealing as well as healthful. There are often detailed charts comparing different foods. After reading it for a few years I began to notice some subjects being repeated. The benefits of walking, for example, and why we should lose weight. It's a very good read for health-minded people.

Publication Rating

indispensable resource - By Tony Z


Prevention is a magazine of health and fitness that gives you the facts straight out. No complicated terms that send you running to your thesaurus, no long drawn out descriptions and explanations. Just the concise facts and ways to keep you healthy and strong. The articles are varied and inspire you to take more responsibility for your well being. Emotional health also plays a big role in Prevention and the editors make sure to address that fact. Almost everyone can find something relevant to their situations in PM and I find it to be an indispensable resource.