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National Geographic Magazine

Since 1888, the magazine of the National Geographic Society has brought the world home to millions of readers through brilliantly vivid photographs, illustrated maps and compelling stories that bring natural history, culture, science and the various regions of the globe to life.

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Publication Rating

June issue of Nat Geo magazine - By Deb


I love this magazine! I love holding it in my hands, re-reading it and passing along articles that I have taught me so much. The June issue in particular, was profound to me. I was wondering if the white house receives a copy of the magazine? If not I would like to buy the President a subscription. I saw a picture of him sitting at a conference table with numerous people who all had plastic bottles of water in front of them. I think the White House would greatly benefit if they read National Geographic. I know I have.

Publication Rating

Recent articles - By SemperFi42


I have been a subscriber and avid reader of NG for over 40 years. But lately it seems the editorial staff has lost sight of what the magazine is all about: geography, people, animals, fauna, history, the cosmos, countries and their people, Etc., etc.. Yet the contents lately have less and less of those topics, and more of topics such as : "the science of addiction" and "Why we lie", and so many others similar subjects which have nothing to do with the original purpose of the magazine, and which I doubt are of any interest to its readers. I hope the editors will realize they have strayed way too far from what the magazine is supposed to be all about, and return to its original purpose and content.

Publication Rating

Makes a great gift! - By sheelabeela


Bought gift subscriptions for my great nieces and nephew last Christmas. They loved getting the magazine. One of the great-nieces referred to them as "books", and each issue is really like a wonderful book. I am now getting ready to order a gift subscription for my great-granddaughter who is turning three.

Publication Rating

One of a kind - By Amelia


Each issue of National Geographic is like a beautiful book. This is not just any magazine, and the world has taken note ever since National Geographic began publication. No other magazine explores everything in such depth and in such a fascinating way with journalistic vigor, with articles accompanied by exquisite photography that has the power on its own to tell a story without any words. I grew up with National Geographic, as my parents believed that it would be an influential magazine to have around the house. They were right... NG inspired me and always piqued my interest in learning. There are no limits when it comes to the topics this magazine covers, and I appreciate that National Geographic continues with such strength and intellectual curiosity. I will continue to be a loyal subscriber for years to come.