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Motorcyclist Magazine

Motorcyclist, America's First motorcycle magazine, features everything from new motorcycle reviews to motorcycle maintenance tips to our exclusive motorcycle buyers' guide. Each monthly issue covers every aspect of motorcycle touring, street riding and sport pavement riding. Regular features include road tests, hot-to articles, project bike build-ups, personality profiles, product evaluations and world-wide racing coverage. For both the hard-core enthusiast and casual fan.

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Publication Rating

Good all-inclusive motorcycling read - By CycleScott


This magazine is my pick when it comes to motorcyling. Motorcyclist covers all aspects of the cycling world. The magazine has such great photos, I get excited to ride each time I get an issue in the mail. Plus, it is offered at a truly ideal price. I gave it 5 stars for that and because I have had really good service. Motorcyclist is a steal for anyone interested in motorcycling and looking for a magazine that covers everything.

Publication Rating

The classic - By NC ducatiste


I've read and enjoyed Motorcylist for the past 40 years, I consider it the definitive US motorcycle publication. I keep a 10 yr file of back issues on hand and I frequently use it to refer to old articles. Although the mag has changed style and editors over the years, I continue to look forward to reading every issue cover to cover. While I fondly recall Nick Ienatsch and John Burns' old articles for their humor, all the writers emphasize learning to become better riders. Ulitmately, that encouraged me to become an MSF certified motorcycle instructor.