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Mad Magazine | 4/2020 Cover

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  • Publisher: DC Entertainment
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 462-3624
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 8446
  • Program ID (PID): 492
  • Program Sales Rank: 26
  • Website: Mad
  • Notice:
    Mad Magazine will stop being available for sale on newsstands after issue #9 in August. Starting with issue #10, Mad Magazine will only be available via subscription and direct markets. In addition, issues after #10 will only feature reprints of classic Mad articles and comics, but with brand-new covers. Mad Magazine will still publish its annual year-end issue, as well as the occasional books and special editions.

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Other Mad Reviews

MORT - By Red


No review. Respect, Homage, Sadness. Grew up with Mad Magazine and Mort Drucker. I strongly believe it's because of Mad Magazine I've been able to put up with and survive all of the real world B.S. without being able to find some humor in there somewhere. Collected all of the pocket books, magazines, and gift inserts ( the record of Alfred burping to music, the mobile I hung from my ceiling). Just an idea of how damaged Mad has made me, I'm trying to fine a face mask with the A.E.N. missing tooth grin. I'm in my mid 60's and my hope is that MAD outlives me. Please take care, Red.

need to subscribe - By dave-mouse


I read that MAD will no longer be sold at newsstands … only available via subscription … I read every one through the '60's and thought they were truly sophisticated … when I was in college, my Dad would send them to me ... the last one I read was from 1973 … when I saw AE Newman's mug in the WSJ, I realized how much I missed it … after 46 years, I was never concerned since I could always get at a newsstand! … great idea because I've missed it!

MAD - By DaleBryTheScienceGuy


I grew up with MAD magazine, "gracing" the drugstore and supermarket check-out counter's shelves. Judging by it's cover, I thought, that, it must be the most disgusting publication I'd ever seen! I could hardly believe that such "trash" was even legal! I could only imagine grammar-school drop-outs, drug-dealers, used-car salesman, or other, hyphenated word-types, to be reading - and, perhaps, even *enjoying* reading this stuff!....and then, one day - a friend, forced me to open up his current copy of MAD. It was all over. I began reading every issue of MAD that I could get my hands on, and, ultimately - I became an Astronomer-Astrobiologist, and Science Writer. Thank you, *MAD* magazine, for showing me the real world!!

Last landmark issue - By Eli G


I have read Mad since I was 6 I have such a dirty mind thanks to you;) Thank you. This is the best magazine I've ever read.

Totally Inside Mad ! - By Al


I have loved MAD since I was a kid. For a magazine to make me laugh out loud is so good !! I met Tom Richmond at Chicago Comic Con and I had a chance to talk to him and see his work. I was impressed !! MAD magazine has been consistent for all the years I have read it since 1970. It's the best medicine for your health and wellness !! I am an RN by the way too !!!