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Shambhala Sun Magazine

The lion’s roar was the Buddha’s own metaphor for the fearless proclamation of the truth of the dharma. It reflects our aspiration to be a fearless and powerful voice for Buddhism in our society. Accessible, practical, and profound, Lion’s Roar (formerly the Shambhala Sun) offers Buddhist wisdom for your life—on everything from health, parenting, and relationships to politics, social action, and the arts. And of course, teachings on Buddhist meditation and practice from today's best teachers and writers.

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Publication Rating

Essential Subscription - By Cathy


Shambhala Sun has made more difference in my life than any other magazine or periodical. I try to start every day with a reading from SS. If I had to give up every subscription but one for the rest of my life, SS would be the one I'd not give up. It helps me to keep coming back to mindfulness. Every article seems to have been written just for me, for that day, for that particular problem or state of being that I'm struggling with. It happened again this morning with the article on Guantanamo (Hannah Tennant-Moore, May 2010). A door was opened for me and a light turned on in regard to how I view (and criticize) certain extremist religions. I keep all my issues of SS and mark many articles for rereading. Thank you for improving the world with this magazine.

Publication Rating

A touch of CLASS - By tenzin tsultrim


I am an ordained monastic in the Tibetan tradition. I am 59 years old. I have been reading Shambhala Sun for a very long time. I could not really ever afford a subscription, but I found old magazines in the strangest of places...and synchronistically the dharma articles were medecine for whatever mental darkness ailed me! As a source for networking, inspiration for practice, and just plain philosphical stimulation..the Shambhala Sun continues to be excellent. Through the years I have disliked the material world of dharma...displayed so seductively on the pages of the magazine, but I tolerate it. And sometimes I drool over the STUFF. It has been my privilege to study the Buddha teachings over thirty years, to have incredible Masters and to have TIME to practice deeply. I think Shambhala Sun was part of this journey., And when I lost my beloved eldest son to cancer in June 2006, I again "found" a magazine, outdated, on DEATH, that presented itself to my desperate mind....thank you! May you continue to publish truth and culture and dharma....tashi delek! Ven Tenzin Tsultrim Matok Parkin (kathmandu, nepal)