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Discover Magazine

The latest in science and technology news, science for the curious. Take an exciting adventure with Discover magazine as it reports captivating developments in science, medicine, technology, and the world around us.
Each issue features thought-provoking stories from award-winning writers, Nobel laureates, and expert scientists. Learn about advancements in technology and how it may affect our future; environmental issues and their relevance to daily life; studies into the mind and brain activity; and much more.

The world is evolving faster than ever. Connect with some of with the greatest ideas and minds in science with Discover magazine!

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Publication Rating

Discover - By tjake


Discover, has to be one of the best magazines for learning about the science world, because it is easy to read. It also has articles that spur the imagination. Children can read and understand the magazine.

Publication Rating

Best gift idea - By Brodsky


I just got a subscription to Discover magazine from my dad as a gift, and I really look forward to getting my issue every month. Discover is a great magazine for anyone interested in science and technology. Don't worry if you don't have a background in these fields or feel like you have to be a science-wiz to enjoy; this magazine is not too dense to understand. A broad range of categories are covered in Discover, along with really interesting photographs. This is the perfect magazine for someone who loves science, but can't find the time to delve into deep research. Buy a subscription to Discover for yourself or a friend, it was such a great gift idea!

Publication Rating

My ideal source of entertainment and knowledge - By Bruce H.


If you're interested in science, technology, and the future-- and everything in between-- this is your magazine. I always had a curious mind, and now that I'm not in school, the news and TV specials don't cut it for me. Science books are good and all, but Discover has everything I could possibly want to stimulate my mind and my interest in everything related to science. I always look forward to the interesting interviews with award-winning pioneers or influential people in a particular field, which are included in every issue. I also have so much fun with the mind games section! What I love about this magazine in comparison to others is that it is comprehensible for the average person. I enjoy that I am learning while at the same time being entertained. That being said, Discover makes learning fun for curious people of any age (I'm 53)! Lastly, I want to applaud Discover for being a magazine that has not yet sold itself entirely to advertisements!

Publication Rating

First read in our house! - By Grandma Lynne


Discover Magazine is the greatest! When my children were still living at home (before they grew up) it was the magazine that everyone 'fought' over! We ended up drawing names each month to see who got to read it first, second, etc! This magazine is SO informative and is one I keep for future references and just so I can read it when I want! Other magazines get passed to the library give-away rack. I love the variety of subjects in Discover and often, they prompt me to research more on those subjects. My children were able to use this magazine for school reports, it is just a wonderful, wonderful magazine and a favorite for all ages. Even my 9 year old granddaughter loves this magazine!