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Cook's Illustrated

Cook's Illustrated is the must-have cooking magazine for the passionate and dedicated chef. It is a bimonthly American publication that has been characterized by thorough evaluations, testing, and instructions on everything food since 1993. Cook's Illustrated is extremely unique in the fact that it accepts absolutely no advertising, therefore offering its readers cover-to-cover pages of expertise. There are approximately ten recipes in each issue, of which each one is extensively discussed by the author. Cook's Illustrated is also well-known and appreciated for their use of unconventional ingredients and unique techniques, which ensures that your dish will always have a little something special to it. Each issue of the cooking magazine includes a complete taste-test on different brands of different kinds of ingredients, and a product test on kitchen tools such as utensils and baking dishes. Most issues also have general food articles that include information on suggested cooking methods and specific tips that will guarantee an overall greater quality in your home-cooking.

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Publication Rating

Helpful, GREAT guide to food - By Ethan101


My ex-girlfriend used to complain about how I didn't even know how to make the most simple dish. But one of my buddies, believe it or not, told me to subscribe to Cook's Illustrated. I initially said no and that I'd rather spend my money on something else. So he ordered me a subscription through this site's gift page and let me tell you-- when it runs out I'm going to have to re-subscribe myself. The gift card that came with it said "Get cookin' and get some lovin'!" Well, that's definitely what happened. I always got flustered whenever I looked at other cooking magazines, but Cook's Illustrated makes it easy for even the most inexperienced chef. Articles like "Mushrooms 101" are exactly what I need, because they essentially give you a guide on how to buy, store and prepare all of the produce at the grocery store. This magazine is definitely one of its kind. The pictures are simple and almost look like they've been drawn by a teacher. Rather than just filling the pages with pretty gourmet pictures that your food will never actually look like, Cook's Illustrated gets real and to the point-- perfect for a busy guy like me. Plus, I'm such a good cook now that I don't even care that my ex dumped me-- every time I get to cook for a girl I know it's in the bag.

Publication Rating

My favorite cooking magazine - By Bean


With all of the cooking magazines out there, Cook's Illustrated is by far my favorite! My best girlfriend told me I had to subscribe, that I would love it and I did. I couldn't believe how jam packed every issue was with recipes. There is truly hardly any advertisement pages in the magazine. I also love how I never have to guess when it comes to making a dish that I got from Cook's Illustrated. You know those cooking magazines that give you some vague instruction, like "Use just enough salt and pepper"? Cook's Illustrated always gives you the exact measurement for every ingredient in every recipe. Cook's Illustrated makes it hard to mess up your food!

Publication Rating

Nutrional value of recipe - By gold tree


I love this magazine, but I am disappointed that your recipes do not have the nutrional value with the recipe. When you have someone on a low sodium diet, it certainly helps figuring out how much sodium for the day.

Publication Rating

New NO KNEAD Bread - By RW


I am renewing my subscription to your magazine for one reason. Your "new no knead bread recipe". I have been baking bread the no knead way for about a year now. While I have always had good luck with it, the bread was missing exactly the aspects your article listed. Since I read your new recipe I have been baking bread once or twice weekly, depending on the number of mouths to feed that week. I have also tried the rye bread and found it to be absolutely the finest rye bread I have ever eaten. I have added one twist to the rye bread recipe. Not my idea, but I added additional caraway seeds with Kosher salt to the top prior to baking. It adds even more flavor to the loaf as well as eye appeal. Your recipe is more than worth the price of a renewal subscription and if I get even one more recipe as good as this one over the next year I will be more than satisfied.

Publication Rating

Great information! - By Wingnut


I've dropped most of my magazines subscriptions in the last 5 years, but just subscribed to COOK'S recently. I just recieved my third issue. I read every word from cover to the end, it IS that interesting especially the great cooking tips. A big thank you for giving me the respect of not having to scim through a 80% content of advertisement like other magazines. Thank You!