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Backpacker Magazine

Are you out of your element when you're in the developed, hustling and bustling city? Do you long for the scent of pine trees under the open blue sky? Backpacker is the magazine of wilderness travel. Perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast, Backpacker includes ideal outdoor destinations and the latest in outdoor equipment.

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Stick to the Basics - By Hiker Frank


Since the 70s I've hiked almost everywhere. I pack my pack by seperataing "necessary" and "nice-to-have" items. At the top of the "necessary" list is water, then food and the rest is optional. Also, over the years I've gon through most of the outdoor books, magazines and fads but I stick to the basics. At the top of my "necessary" list is Backpacker Magazine. I'ts everything you need to know about backpacking....ever. The rest is optional.