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Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology magazine brings the ancient world to life. Each issue offers incisive reporting, vivid storytelling, compelling photography, and the latest news from around the globe. Whether reporting from an Arctic shipwreck, trekking through Afghanistan, or digging just beneath Beirut, Archaeology brings readers the science, and the magic, of archaeological discovery.

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Thank you for publishing a great magazine! - By Stew


When I was 8 years old, over 65 years ago, my mother took me to the "Museum of Natural History" in San Francisco. As we entered, we walked UNDER the rib cage of a "Brontosaurus" which has since been renamed! Yes, I know it was not properly assembled with only "Brontosaurus" bones, but it made a significant impression on me. I later learned the head was from another critter, and the tail was incorrectly dragging on the ground, but the sheer size of it simply blew my young mind. Later that year my mom and dad and I drove to Arkansas to visit relatives. We stopped at "Meteor Crater" in Arizona which impressed me even more than the "Brontosaurus". I've been back to both places, and other similar museums in intervening years, such as the Prado museum in Madrid and the Louvre in Paris. I've enjoyed natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and various mountain ranges, caves, rivers, trees like the redwoods, or other trees older than the pyramids and human "civilization," which, for the most part, “isn't”. Life is too short and precious to waste with ignorance and misunderstanding. In conclusion, thank you, your co-workers and contributors for a truly excellent magazine. Please, keep up the good work!

Publication Rating

- By


enjoy the magazine but wish more maps were included...your magazine has replaced national geographic on my reading list but miss the geographic maps that make the articles more meaningful.........

Publication Rating

Maps - By Super Sabre Guy


Great magazine. However, many of the archaeology sites are located in remote areas not familiar to many readers. Why not ad a small map showing the location of the site being described in the article. This would make the article more interesting. National Geographic includes maps with their articles. Ken

Publication Rating

Archaeology - By Rong


Archaeology is one of the better magazines on the market- definitely worth the price!