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Angels on Earth Magazine | 7/2020 Cover

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Other Angels on Earth Reviews

How Could I Ever Doubt? - By I See Angels


There are days I fight depression and when having a particularly bad day, I will grab my Angels On Earth magazine (it doesn't matter the date or month), reading the words and stories help me to relax and know there are Angels who care about me. A wonderful magazine that I wish everyone had access to.

True Guardian Angel Stories - By JannieLou


Angels On Earth Magazine is an excellent, inspirational source for anyone trying to find their way in life. It publishes many amazing stories about real people who've personally experienced direct contact with angels. It doesn't matter if you believe in them or not when you first pick up this magazine, because by the time you've finished it's last page, you'll wonder how you ever doubted the existence of angels at all!

I Believe in Angels - By Tingie


I've been hoping for a publication like this for some time now. I can hardly wait for my first magazine to arrive. Thank you for this wonderful offer.

Angels Are For Dreaming - By This is a poem I think would go well in your magazine


Angels are for dreaming; Angels only go Where imagination takes them. They're not real, you know. But then in days of hardship -- We have so far to go -- That still, small voice that placates us Might be an angel though. And when we lose our bearings, And our hands we upward throw, The star that steers us homeward Could be an angel's glow. When we're on our knees to pray For healing from above, Don't you think that just maybe We evoke an angel's love? Take a morning sunrise, Replete with yellow-gold, It could be an angel band, Their wings starting to unfold. When we observe new-born life, Though that new-born cries, It seems to possess an angelic smile, And most certainly angel eyes. Angels are forever, Angels on the wing, And often angels gather Where you hear a church bell ring.

Angels are everywhere - By Judy


I love this magazine, the stories in here are awesome.

people on earth - By besaha


Angels on earth what more can I say, I would like too thank those who open up about their experiences,Now I know who helped me was really an angel!

Angels are among us - By celtic angel


I have personally experienced a life saving by angels when struck by a semi tractor trailer in the PA mountains on Jan 2, 2006. It's the only way I was not killed. Its an amazing story. Ever since I have noticed images undisputed showing up in my photo's. At first at night, and now the angelic presence and abarations appear during the day. I have several amazing pictures. I feel blessed and using this as my motivation to complete my numerous manuscripts from my personal experiences as a survivor of a lifetime of trauma and abuse. Then into a violent,explosive,abusive and contentious marriage. Now children and I are trying to heal from the full spectrum of abuse. So I feel blessed to see the spirtual presence. God knows I need them to help us get through so much endured. I find this refreshing to see I am not the only one with these experiences that are beyond the unbelievable, and unexplainable experiences. Often feel regardless how devoted some seem to be going to church regularly. I am at times still surrounded in skeptism and challenged believers in real angelic experiences. It makes me sad! I have had so many amazing experiences, and photo's. I know the presence gives me a sense of safety, and a very warm heart! I am so glad I just found this magazine. God bless everyone!

blessing - By tammy


i fill blessed, by your angels on earth magazine. its stories have seen me threw some ruff times in life.i was reading hawks at play,sept/oct 2006 issue.when i was blue and worried, because my husband,was real late comming home from work. the angels brought him safe to. well i can say, yes i belive in angels, and your stories proof it. god bless you all.

There really are Angels here on earth. - By Joyce


Angels On Earth is an inspiring magazine. Every issue has several amazing stories of peoples experiences with Angels here on earth, usually the Angels save their lives. Many are beautiful stories of love and compassion, some are sad and make me cry. All of the stories are worth reading over and over again.