We're sorry, but Jet is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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Jet Magazine

Jet is the only weekly news magazine for Black-Americans. It keeps you posted on the latest happenings, trends and news in government, business, education, entertainment, society, sports and medicine.

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Publication Rating

Best Black Reading Since 1966 - By anniegoo


I have been reading the Jet Magazine since I was in college. I can't wait for my weekly Black news. I really enjoy the Celeb Scene and the TVWatch articles. I still have Jet magazines when they only cost 20 cents and were only in Black and White. The magazine has always been used by me for Black History in my classroom.I will continue to read and enjoy this magazine!

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Family Tradition - By Kina


Reading Jet magazine every week is a hobby that my brother and I picked up from our parents. Because its content and celebration of African American culture is embedded among my family's traditions, this publication holds a very special place in my heart. Jet has deeply and thoroughly recognized and chronicled the lives of some our communities most notable individuals in a way that no other magazine has - such as the entire issue that was dedicated to Luther Vandross after his passing. Jet is definitely worthy of a subscription.

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Unlike any other - By Johanna


I've been reading Jet since I was a teenager and this is one magazine I swear by. Wherever I am, or whoever I am with in the world, I know I can find a community in the pages of this magazine. The content of Jet is always good, and I love that this is a weekly magazine so the content is always so up to date!

Publication Rating

Thanks to you - By wgrace4cyn


I just want to thank you for the many years of great reading material that your staff has bought to the world. With out JET/Ebony I couldn't tell you what I would miss! I always say "if it wasn't for Jet, I wouldn't know anything about the black people in this world" THANK YOU!

Publication Rating

Jet is the best - By LMP


I was raised reading jet. It was exciting going to the mail to see who was on the cover. I wish I had every issue.