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Down Beat Magazine

Down Beat magazine is a mainstay in the contemporary music magazine world. Published for the serious player and listener, the publication provides readers with comprehensive coverage of a roots-oriented music. Jazz and blues audiophiles enjoy the magazine's record reviews and must-read arranging tips that are sure to maximize your listening experience. Read up on everything from today's music to vintage artists with musician profiles and in-depth interviews. Down Beat features both new and old talent, exploring everyone from Miles Davis to top high school and college students. Every issue features CD and concert reviews as well as coverage of new products, enabling you to stay at the forefront of all of the latest happenings in the industry. Readers enjoy Down Beat's signature "Blindfold Test," where artists listen to recordings and offer their musical feedback and opinions. With riveting personal interviews and essential playing tips and how-to's from music professionals, Down Beat is a must-read for anyone who loves jazz music.

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