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Diabetic Living Magazine

Diabetic Living lets you take control to celebrating a healthy lifestyle. Every issue of Diabetic Living is like getting an entire cookbook (50+ recipes per issue!), exercise handbook and health guide all rolled into one.

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Publication Rating

Awesome - By Erica


I have tried several recipes out of the latest magazine edition and LOVE them ALL. They are full of taste, easy to make, and great for my diabetes. My husband who is not diabetic also loves them. Cannot wait to get the next edition. Thank you Diabetic Living magazine!

Publication Rating

Useful Info - By Cookie


Love the magazine, it is the easy way to keep in touch with both my taste buds and my diet without feeling guilty or deprived.

Publication Rating

Recipes - By CS


I have been receiving Diabetic Living for quite some time. It has very good articles, however, the dessert recipes are not really for diabetics unless you count carbs in the 22-34 range good. My husband is only allowed 45 carbs per meal. When the carbs for a dessert is in the upper range, that leaves very little for the "GOOD" carbs. Surely, with the nutritionists you have on staff, you would be able to come up with lower carb desserts. I have adapted many "regular" desserts to a low carb diet. It would just be nice to have everything already counted instead of me having to take the time to "try" to get the carbs decreased accurately.